Tomorrow here in Italy we will vote. We will vote to change our constitution. One of the best constitution in Europe and the government has called us to express our opinion… Do we want to change it? Do we want it to remain the same?


This referendum has been our version of the American Presidential Election. Our Prime Minister Renzi has threatened to resign if the “NO” wins, international magazines are saying that our economy will suffer from this… It’s a mess. And it’s not easy.

I am not here to advocate one side or the other, I’m merely stating my concerns with this. Changing a country’s constitution is a big deal, especially because we (common people who never studied legal rights) don’t understand it. We don’t know what the changes will do to our country…

I am writing this a few days before posting it and frankly I am still confused.

Conservative parties I don’t like are encouraging people to vote NO, liberal and democratic parties I share values with are also voting NO, but not all of them! The Prime Minister’s Ministers are voting YES and are airing on TV and advertisements on Youtube to push people to cross the YES on the day of the election. IT’S A MESS!

The changes intended to be made aren’t clear, I don’t understand them… There are countless debates between people with opposite views, people screaming at each other and one idiot senator calling himself “the italian Trump”…

I talked to my extended family and we discussed it… A lot.

First we were all on the same page: No.

Then we talked more, we started thinking other possibilities and some of us changed our mind… Then we changed it again and again and again… This thing is really stressing me out! It’s the first major thing I am going to have to vote for and I am freaking out!

This referendum has divided our nation even more than it was before and frankly I can’t wait it to be December 5th, so I can finally relax and make my peace with the results.

I know you probably didn’t care about this, but I needed to vent…

Hope you’re having a nice Saturday!

Georgia πŸ™‚









3 thoughts on “Referendum

    1. Sadly it seems like we are all in deep shit… Our PM made it personal. He said: “If I don’t win, I will resign” and all the other parties voted against him as a person because they don’t like him. Lots of people voted no just to make him step down, not because the cared or they understood the constitution. It’s so sad.

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      1. It’s difficult. People don’t want to know about politics and then end up making terrible decisions. We hope things work out but it’s more down to luck than anything else!

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