La Mafia Uccide Solo D’Estate

Yes, it’s an article about an italian TV program. There is usually (almost) never anything worth mentioning in italian television, but this series is a wonderful exception.

The rough translation of the title would be “The Mafia only kills during the summer”. Set in 1979, it revolves around a family who lives in Palermo (Sicily). Pif, whose real name is Pierfrancesco Diliberto, narrates the events who are seen from the point of view of a 9-year-old boy.


Pif also directed the series and he is the creator and director of the namesake movie that came out a couple of years ago. And I LOVED it. It’s both a comedy and a drama, perfectly mixed together.


You probably aren’t familiar with this part of history or you have a stereotypical version of it, but in Italy the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s were sadly filled with massacres and slaughters committed by “Cosa Nostra”, a criminal organization that terrorized all of Sicily. Police men were brutally murdered in the streets, they were killed in their cars and even high officials of the anti-mafia commission were assassinated. It was a horrible, a time of decline and fear.

2016-11-29 (3).png

Despite talking about horrible events, Pif tells the story from an innocent child’s point of view… He doesn’t realize what’s actually happening… He doesn’t acknowledge the fact that his life is intertwined with the mafia.

Society is small-minded, deeply christian and well… completely corrupt. Feminist movements and hippies were only starting to appear, but the rest of Palermo, Catania and Sicily is rural, ancient and filled with misconception. Most people didn’t even have running water: they had tanks made of asbestos cement on top of the building!

Let’s also remember that nobody talked about the mafia. If someone was killed in the street, people attributed it to jealousy and women. It was a sexist, homophobic country of old men.


If you can get your hands on this (and the subtitles if you don’t speak or understand italian), it’s definitely worth watching. Both the series and the movie, because the Sicilian accent is just amazing. It doesn’t even sound like italian… I absolutely love it.

It is broadcast on Monday at 21:25 on Rai1 and it will run for another 4 weeks for an amount of 12 episodes. Hope you enjoyed this post!





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