Sophie Turner

Winter is coming…

If without her thick winter coat you haven’t recognized her, Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark in the marvelous hit show Game of Thrones (HBO).

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones (HBO)

We are almost the same age and it’s quite mind-blowing that she is already such an amazing performer. She isn’t only extremely talented and funny, but she is also a beautiful young woman. She is truly spectacular on Game of Thrones, but this section of my blog will focus on makeup related things, in particular looks that I love (I’ve done two other posts similar to this one about Sarah Hyland and Alicia Vikander)

So here is a selection of my favourite looks of Sophie



I absolutely love the fact that she can pull of both cool and warm toned eyeshadow… Frankly, they are both amazing… The only thing I don’t particularly like, is her hair in the first picture. I have never liked that hairstyle… But somehow she still manages to pull it off: it doesn’t matter what colour her hair is!!! She still looks flawless, natural and youthful, which is hard considering the amount of product they put on your face. Absolutely love these looks.


But this is by far the best. The other two were fabulous and definitely something I’m going to try to recreate, but these scream CLASSY!!!

I absolutely love it… The photos were taken for an article on JustJared. You can read it HERE and you can also find more shots. The makeup is amazing, not over the top and completely breath-taking. It’s pretty simple and something that doesn’t go out of style, perfect for an important event or a classy night out.

Absolutely adore her fashion sense and style… and let’s not forget what an incredibly talented actress she is! GO SOPHIE!!!


Georgia┬á ­čÖé

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