Class – season 1 episode 1 – REVIEW

I have just realized that the Doctor Who spin-off “Class” premiered 4 weeks ago and I knew nothing about it.

I am (though not so much now) a huge Doctor Who fan, but I wasn’t particularly doctor_who_series_9impressed with this new series: usually the quality of these type of things isn’t great. It’s total shit. Or it gets shitty with time. Anyway, the outcome is still shit.

BUT, I watched the trailer on the Doctor Who official Youtube channel and I have to say that I was actually pretty impressed with what they presented.

It was very fast-paced, very scary and a little bit darker from usual Doctor Who standards. I remember saying to one of my best friends (who is also a huge TV fan) and I absolutely had to watch it and what happened? I forgot.

I didn’t even check the air date! I kind of thought that they would make a big deal about it and therefore I would remember about it! But they didn’t! Or if they did, I didn’t notice it!

Now I’m left with utter disappointment, because I wanted to watch it and review the first episode as soon as it aired! Damn me!!!

So, before starting my review, a few information about the show: the “IMDb”‘s synopsis says: “Coal Hill School has been a feature of Doctor Who (1963) since the first episode, but now we get to see the day-to-day adventures of the students coping with intrusions from space and time. “

The episodes are written by british author Patrick Ness, but having opened “IMDb” I couldn’t help but see the rating, which is (just as I predicted) a bit low: 7.2.

Mmm… My excitement about this is slowly disappearing… I better go watch it and then let you know my thoughts.

I wrote down my thoughts while watching the episode, so here they are in the form of bullet points!!

  • One of the worst opening themes I have ever heard in my life. Literally horrible.
  • Insulted “Downton Abbey”
  • What’s with the mean and ruthless teacher?
  • Loads of slow motion
  • There are still mean football coaches in 2016… Should be illegal… Scratch that, football should just cease to exist. (Sorry football fans)
  • One of the main characters is gay. Good.
  • Oooh!! There are shadows just like in “Silence in the Library”!
  • The Shadow King? Seriously?!? At least in “Silence in the Library” the creature were called “Vashta Nerada”, a cool and rhythmic name!! Come on!
  • They gave up their true origin a tiny little bit too easily
  • The “Run!” catchphrase should be for The Doctor’s usage only. Thanks.
  • Too much “young adult” for my taste
  • Dear Music Composer, what went wrong? I am genuinely asking… Regards by everyone who understands music.
  • PETER CAPALDI IS HERE!!!! Don’t even like him very much as “The Doctor”… Sorry.
  • The Prisoner Zero’s crack in the wall!!! WHERE IS AMY POND?!?!
  • The Doctor has a new sonic screwdriver?
  • CLARA OSWALD’s NAME!! Clara, I miss you…
  • Ok, “The Vampire Diaries” reference makes me actually and properly MAD.
  • Always loving the Doctor’s pacific ways to resolve the situation.

Well… I think I understood half the things that happened… Especially at the end. Nevermind…

It wasn’t too bad… Lots more violence than anticipated, especially in the second episode’s trailer at the end: there was a lot of fake blood. It sort of reminds me of Torchwood, but not really… It has a vibe I can’t properly put my finger on… I’ll figure it out…

Most of the bullet point comments weren’t exactly positive, but that doesn’t mean it’s shit. It’s the pilot, there is A LOT of room for improvement and I hope that if it is picked up for season 2, they will try to fix the problems of the show.

Not really sure if I’ll keep watching..

If you have seen it, I’d really love to hear your opinion! Write me in the comment section so we can talk about it!!

GeorgiaΒ Β Β  πŸ™‚



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