La Mafia Uccide Solo D’Estate

Yes, it’s an article about an italian TV program. There is usually (almost) never anything worth mentioning in italian television, but this series is a wonderful exception.

The rough translation of the title would be “The Mafia only kills during the summer”. Set in 1979, it revolves around a family who lives in Palermo (Sicily). Pif, whose real name is Pierfrancesco Diliberto, narrates the events who are seen from the point of view of a 9-year-old boy.


Pif also directed the series and he is the creator and director of the namesake movie that came out a couple of years ago. And I LOVED it. It’s both a comedy and a drama, perfectly mixed together.


You probably aren’t familiar with this part of history or you have a stereotypical version of it, but in Italy the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s were sadly filled with massacres and slaughters committed by “Cosa Nostra”, a criminal organization that terrorized all of Sicily. Police men were brutally murdered in the streets, they were killed in their cars and even high officials of the anti-mafia commission were assassinated. It was a horrible, a time of decline and fear.

2016-11-29 (3).png

Despite talking about horrible events, Pif tells the story from an innocent child’s point of view… He doesn’t realize what’s actually happening… He doesn’t acknowledge the fact that his life is intertwined with the mafia.

Society is small-minded, deeply christian and well… completely corrupt. Feminist movements and hippies were only starting to appear, but the rest of Palermo, Catania and Sicily is rural, ancient and filled with misconception. Most people didn’t even have running water: they had tanks made of asbestos cement on top of the building!

Let’s also remember that nobody talked about the mafia. If someone was killed in the street, people attributed it to jealousy and women. It was a sexist, homophobic country of old men.


If you can get your hands on this (and the subtitles if you don’t speak or understand italian), it’s definitely worth watching. Both the series and the movie, because the Sicilian accent is just amazing. It doesn’t even sound like italian… I absolutely love it.

It is broadcast on Monday at 21:25 on Rai1 and it will run for another 4 weeks for an amount of 12 episodes. Hope you enjoyed this post!






This Is Us

This is real. This is love. This is us.

I don’t really know how I came across this Tv show, but I am extremely happy I did.

This NBC series is one of the best things on american TV this year. It’s an incredibly powerful and moving story with a plot twist at the end of every episode.

It’s about a group of people who share the same birthday: Jack and Rebecca, a married couple who is expecting triplets; Kevin, a LA actor tired of his horrible tv show; Kate a funny and sweet woman struggling with her weight and Randall, a very successful lawyer who is looking for his biological father.


I can’t give many more details about what happens because it’s all spoilers. Literally, ALL SPOILERS.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of the series… It’s that indie/hipster vibe that I LOVE… It’s so different from the fake glamour of tv shows like “Castle”, “Pretty little liars” and “Suits”.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Suits: it’s one of my favourite shows and it’s one that I often recommend to people, but it’s so glossy and too perfect.

“This is us”, in spite of all the pretty people in it, is authentic… and it deals with family. Different kind of families, with issues, problems and A LOT of complications. Parenting is also an important part of the show and in one of the most recent episodes there was a huge eye-opener for me…

This Is Us - Season 1

I am not a parent myself so I don’t really know what that is like, but I felt like the show made me realize thing that I hadn’t even thought about before.

I felt connected to all the characters… I felt like they were reflecting not only a lot of my flaws, but also most of my problems. It made me think about life, about issues and most of all about family. It’s show that deals with REAL emotions, REAL feelings… Everyone can relate to it, because we all have insecurities, fears… We are not equipped to face life sometimes, we need a hug, a few words or simply someone nudging us towards the right direction.

There are so many monologues, scenes, single sentences that make the show this amazing. I can’t even find the words to describe it. It’s probably one of the best written shows I have seen in a long time. I know I say it a lot, but I’ve never seen anything like this. The way it deals with family, growing up, finding oneself… It’s just so real.

The actors are just as incredible as the writing. These writers have accomplished something great, something spectactular. And the actors interpret the words with magic.

If you have the time, take an hour and immerse yourself in the show. You won’t regret it.

Georgia  🙂

P.S. This is a panel with the cast   🙂

Sophie Turner

Winter is coming…

If without her thick winter coat you haven’t recognized her, Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark in the marvelous hit show Game of Thrones (HBO).

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones (HBO)

We are almost the same age and it’s quite mind-blowing that she is already such an amazing performer. She isn’t only extremely talented and funny, but she is also a beautiful young woman. She is truly spectacular on Game of Thrones, but this section of my blog will focus on makeup related things, in particular looks that I love (I’ve done two other posts similar to this one about Sarah Hyland and Alicia Vikander)

So here is a selection of my favourite looks of Sophie



I absolutely love the fact that she can pull of both cool and warm toned eyeshadow… Frankly, they are both amazing… The only thing I don’t particularly like, is her hair in the first picture. I have never liked that hairstyle… But somehow she still manages to pull it off: it doesn’t matter what colour her hair is!!! She still looks flawless, natural and youthful, which is hard considering the amount of product they put on your face. Absolutely love these looks.


But this is by far the best. The other two were fabulous and definitely something I’m going to try to recreate, but these scream CLASSY!!!

I absolutely love it… The photos were taken for an article on JustJared. You can read it HERE and you can also find more shots. The makeup is amazing, not over the top and completely breath-taking. It’s pretty simple and something that doesn’t go out of style, perfect for an important event or a classy night out.

Absolutely adore her fashion sense and style… and let’s not forget what an incredibly talented actress she is! GO SOPHIE!!!


Georgia  🙂

“Yes Please” by Amy Poehler

I don’t usually read books written by celebrities: they are boring, filled with stories and anecdotes I couldn’t care less about and almost every time there is a ghost writer involved. And they are made simply to promote themselves and increment their popularity.

And nowadays everybody is writing books: actors, youtubers and that person who is walking down the street whistling.

But recently I’ve decided to give it a go. First of all I read Aziz Ansari’s book (Modern Romance) and I have been talking about it here on my blog for AGES. And I was deeply thankful it wasn’t a biography.

Yes Please

Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if it were, because Aziz’s life is probably pretty interesting. Still, am I really interested in details of an actor/celebrity’s life? NO!

Amy Poehler’s book is different.

Altought there are a lot of childhood stories and personal experiences, Amy’s book has a made an impact on me. At the time she was writing it, she was going through a divorce and also finished the last season of her tv show “Parks and Recreation”.

She talked about being a nice person, her love for her job and her problems with working at SNL and raising her children. She divided her book in three sections: “Part One: say whatever you want”, “Part two: Do whatever you like” and “Part Three: Be whoever you are”.

An at least for me, it was inspirational. She also talks freely about drugs, alcohol and sex. I appreciate her honesty and although there were some parts that were more boring than others, I utterly enjoyed it.

If you are not familiar with her or her work, maybe this book won’t made sense to you, but here are a few passages from her book that I thought were inspiring and (at least for me) thought-provoking.


I hope you liked this post… I recommend reading this book, even if you don’t know Amy’s life or work. I found it really interesting and inspiring… GO AMY!!

Georgia  🙂