I’ll be there for you

I haven’t posted anything in 16 days…. Oooops… There are a few reasons why

  1. I was feeling like shit. After more than a year I finally told my mother the truth about everything, how “depressed” I’m feeling and loads loads more… I was a hormonal mess and I might have cried more than I should have.
  2. I was watching 10 seasons of “Friends” in a week and a half.

Let’s just focus on the fun part of the two weeks I spent trying to get my shit together. (I didn’t BTW, I am just pretending to…)

Anyway, “Friends” is just the best… After the weeks (months and year) I’ve had, I was looking for something fun. I have been looking for that for a long time but the series I watched were fun but not funny. On the other hand, with Friends I laughed so much…

I have never laughed that much for a comedy tv show… There was the occasional smile and the chuckle, but almost never the actual laughter.

Some people say that laughing helps us boot our mood: when we laugh, our brain releases endorphins, the same enzymes we release when we have sex. They makes us feel better and happier. And I did!  I have been fine for a couple of days, I even went to Uni today!

I spent a week and a half laughing. Truly laughing out loud. With no complications, no fake laughter (which I am weirdly good at) and no hiding.

When I am feeling particularly down, my medicine is “You’re the worst” season 2… Watching Gretchen unashamedly embracing her depression is therapeutic… It makes me feel like I’m not the only one feeling down and that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes.

“Friends” just makes me laugh. It helped me trying to be better, feel better and get out of this black hole I dug myself into.

Also, can we talk about the late 90s and early 2000s? I basically fell in love with the 90s… I was born in 1996 but I couldn’t actually experience it! What a great decade!

I’ll go make my cup of tea now… yes, with milk… yes, the english way and yes, with english tea.


Georgia   🙂

6 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I’m glad you find comfort in something so simple that is fun. Laughter does have healing power, so keep watching it and laughing.
    We reach a point where we can’t pretend anymore and we have to let people know how we feel. It must have been really difficult for you to open up to your mom as it was for me telling mine. Unfortunately I can’t really count on her because she has her own issues to deal with, but not telling her was worse because she knew something was wrong and she was getting nervous.
    I hope you can count on the people close to you. If not, you can always count on me. Maybe one day we’ll sit together and discuss all this over a nice English afternoon tea. 😉

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