Getting my Driving Licence

I am 20 years old and I do not have a driving licence. In the small town where I live there are no means of transportation than can allow me to go around without a car,  so I am basically forced to get it.

I hate it. Totally hate studying for my theory test. I think the questions are stupid an purposefully made to confuse me.

Anyway, I have been trying fo a while to study, but frankly the reason why I seem to be unable to pass the test is that I have terrified of actually driving a car.

I am a pretty paranoid person. Well, no. I am a SUPER paranoid person. And a control freak. So being behind the wheel and driving a car is scaring me to death. I NEED to be in control of what’s happening around me.

My family has been pressuring me to get the licence and the more they ask about it, the more scared I am.

As of now, I’m studying the manual again. Usually I read it, study it then I get to the tests and I CAN’T PASS THEM!!! So obviously I get frustrated and I abandon everything.  This defeats my concept:


But my logic doesn’t seem to work in this situation and it is making me quite frustrated. I am halfway through the book and I have been using a new method of study: flashcards.

I saw it on Grey’s Anatomy and I decided to give it a go. Don’t know if it will work.

The next step: ask my mom to take to the place where I can book the test. Like that is going to be easy!


Georgia  🙂

3 thoughts on “Getting my Driving Licence

  1. You already go into it hating everything and sure you’re going to fail, so that’s not a good start.
    Can you get mock exam papers or a question booklet? I studied for mine like that, so I knew exactly what I would get. Sometimes without practical questions the theory gets very confusing.
    However, you need to calm yourself down first!

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