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Getting my Driving Licence

I am 20 years old and I do not have a driving licence. In the small town where I live there are no means of transportation than can allow me to go around without a car,  so I am basically forced to get it. I hate it. Totally hate studying for my theory test. I [...]

Popular TV Shows I haven’t seen (yet)

If you have read a few of my blog posts about TV series, you will know how much I LOVE television. Especially american television. But there are still very popular shows that I haven't seen yet and some that I won't be watching. When I began watching them in a serious way, I was 15 [...]

Alicia Vikander

I have seen her in "The Danish Girl" and I have basically fallen in love with her. Born and raised in Sweden, Alicia starred in the critically acclaimed movie and for that she also won an Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress". She totally deserved it because she was truly amazing... I cried so much watching [...]