19-24 September: On TV This Week

It is autumn and Tv shows are coming back and this makes me so happy!!! The TV show season is coming back and my week is already pretty full.

Pilots are being aired and judging will be done. By me.  (I’M SO HAPPY!!!).

Let’s start in order: SUNDAY

  • VICTORIA episode 5

I have been watching this 10 million pound ITV series and it’s spectacular. The story is about Queen Victoria and Jenna Coleman is amazing portraying her. The show is absolutely brilliant. Well written, great acting and amazing directing. The chemistry between all the characters is spontaneous and so captivating! If you loved Downton Abbey, definitely check this out!



  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine s04e01

I watched the whole 3 seasons last months and I like it. It is made from the same producers and writers of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” but (I’m sorry) it’s not as good as them. For 20 minutes of Andy Samberg’s weird faces, it’s a nice comedy. A bit too much like SNL, but not too bad.

  • New Girl s06e01

I have been following New Girl for a few years and it’s funny. If you want to watch a bunch of messed up people living together and doing stupid stuff, it’s pretty great. Jess is adorable and Cece, Schmidt, Winston and Nick are just the perfect strange roommates that will make your life amazing.



  • Modern Family s08e01

I LOVE Modern Family. The best comedy on TV right now. Every single character is perfectly portrayed, they all have their own personas and their own flaws. It is just so funny and PERFECT. Sofia Vergara’s character has the most amazing accent of all time and… I can’t even describe how much I love it.

  • You’re The Worst s03e04

My favourite show of the year. With no doubt. Funny, edgy, real and… well real. One of the most real shows I have seen. Gretchen and Jimmy are just two bad people who aren’t afraid of showing it. And personally, I think we should all be ourselves 100%, even (especially) our worst selves.

  • Mr Robot s02e12

Haven’t seen season 2. Waiting for this episode to air so I can binge watch it. Rami Malek (the lead actor who portrays Elliot) won an Emmy on Sunday night for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, so congratulations!



  • Grey’s Anatomy s13e01

I’m still in shock over what happened in these past seasons and after the explosive finale in May, I’m still not over it. It’s been 3 years since I started watching it and I used to love it. I’m still into it, but over the years I have acquired a higher and “less-polished” taste. Still, I’ll definitely be watching it! I want to know what’s going to happen to April and Jackson’s baby!!! ❤


Here is my week… I am pretty excited about it and finally my shows are coming back! This is my favourite time of the year!

I’m thinking of review pilots that are coming out in September and October and see if any of them are actually good.

This post doesn’t even make sense, but… I’m just so happy that this week is the beginning of the TV Shows season!!!


Georgia    🙂


Twitter: @georgiasblog1

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/58226064-georgia

TV shows mentioned that I reviewed: Mr Robot, You’re The Worst, Victoria.






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