Random Thoughts: SEXISM

Just a few days ago I read a YA (Young Adult) book… Every now and then I love to read some romantic trash books… Those surreal love stories that always have a happy ending. Sue me, I like them. They are just something easy to read and they don’t require much thinking.

I’m not exaggerating, but I have never read ANTHING even remotely as sexist as this. (Second to every Donald Trump tweet/speech/word he ever said… Obviously.)

I am a feminist, I believe in equality for EVERYONE: gender, race, pay… and if there is one thing I cannot stand for is racism. OF ANY KIND.

In today’s society there are still portrayals of men as drunk, violent and extremely possessive and women as dumb idiots that are submissive to their boyfriend/husband.

Reading the other reviews, clearly made by young susceptible teenagers, made me realise how many steps behind we are taking. These repeated ideas of a disruptive love and carelessness have sunk in teenagers and I think it’s just wrong. Boys will feel like they HAVE to be total jerks and girls will feel like being someone’s girlfriend will make their life complete.

It’s truly sad that girl believe the kind of (pardon my French) bullshit these books are all about.

As I wrote: Nobody is “yours”, you are not someone’s property, even if it is sugar-coated and portrayed as affection and love.
Frankly, I found it highly noneducational: young and susceptible girls should not be exposed to this! The fighting, the boy’s inappropriate jealousy (hidden as “protectiveness”) and this thing about “I’m yours” “You’re mine” is just… no.

Yes, I’m quoting myself. So what?


Anyway, I just wanted to get this off my chest and be done with it. I am very passionate about women’s independency, self-love and I felt like this book set us back in the Middle Ages.

If you want to read the full review and know about what book I was talking about, you can find it here.

Hope this made you reflect about these important themes.


Georgia    🙂


P.s. Thank you for those who liked my previous post! 17 likes!! WOW! ❤

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: SEXISM

  1. I feel you! I wrote before about the struggles to get my book noticed. It’s hard in a world where smuts get the most votes. I feel like I’m slowly
    getting there (very slowly).
    In Wattpad world I get the opportunity to read a lot and someone contacted me regarding this new book. I get it in my library and start reading. The prologue is so crude it screams “rape” to me. Of the couple of hundred readers only me and one more girl call it out. I was seriously uncomfortable with it and you know how ‘liberal’ I am.
    The author contacts us (me and the other sceptical reader) and laughs it off: it’s not rape haha They love each other very much. Really?
    Anyway, I try to read anothet chapter and it’s cheap Cinderella knock off. Wow! How is this getting more votes than my book of love against prejudice? Crap! That’s the world we live in!
    Sorry for the rant. But I know you’ll understand me!

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    1. Don’t worry, I totally understand you! It’s horrible… This is truly appalling!! I’ve recently signed up to Goodreads and seeing how many shitty books get a 4.5/5 stars is just wrong.
      The thing I am most upset about, is that young girl will grow up thinking that all of this is ok! They are not mature enough to have a critical point of view and this is just going to guide them in the wrong direction.
      Good luck with your book. I’m sure that sooner or later your work will be noticed and appreciated by everyone! 🙂

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