Sarah Hyland

She is adorable. I absolutely adore Sarah and her style…

But in recent red carpets I have been noticing how truly amazing and flawless her makeup is. As a makeup beginner (I have been seriously into it for 2-3 years) and someone with a strict budget, I have been trying to recreate what I see on YouTube. Because they actually teach you step-by-step.

And I was too unprepared to recreate what I saw on magazines.

Now I’m feeling more confident and I’ve been studying, reading and exploring the world of makeup.

This little intro is basically just to explain what I’m doing with this category of my blog. (Because as on now, it’s still empty…)

I’ll be showing you pictures of celebrities, makeup looks I love and if I manage to learn how to take properly pictures, I’ll even post the stuff I buy.

Enough on me, here are some of my favourite Sarah Hyland looks.



I LOVE the orang-y subtle eyeshadow and the blue on her water line! And the line matches the dress… LOVE LOVE LOVE for this look.



And she can pull off every single lipstick: from bright red, to nude, to glossy and (my personal favourite) this next one is maybe my favourite… It’s an amazing dark pink with brown undertones and I LOVE IT!


This was the “GQ Men Of the Year” event and according to Allan Avendaño did her makeup and he really did an amazing job. From his Instagram, it appears like he used Armani foundation, Bobbi Brown and Tarte on the cheeks, and Charlotte Tilbury on her lips. For her long lashes, he added some Ardell inserts and her bold brows were filled in with an Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil.”

Of course I loved the lipstick! It’s the Queen herself Charlotte Tilbury! Anyway, I tried to find the lipstick, but after researching on her website, I think it’s from her Matte Revolution collection in the colour “Bond Girl“.

And Allan Avendaño has become my makeup God….  HERE you can find his Instagram account… ❤     And he had done all the looks in this post. GORGEOUS!!!

I love Sarah and I’ve been gathering material on Alicia Vikander  (a recent girl-crush of mine) for a future post!

Let me know if you think there are some celebrities, whose makeup I should check out!


Georgia    🙂


Photos from

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