US Presidential Election 2016

I wasn’t going to write about politics on this blog, but things are starting to get out of control.

With only 3 and a half months away from President Obama’s last day in the White House, the entire world is watching the US presidential election.

Thanks to talk shows like “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, “Late Night with Seth Meyer”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “The Late Late show with James Corden” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”, I have been following the election through the “funny side”.

Since (of course) I am not an american and I don’t live there, I don’t know what life is like overseas. But I am interested in the culture, the legislations and politics and I feel invested in this. This election isn’t just about America… It’s about all of us, the entire world.

The talk show hosts have been talking non-stop about Democrats and Republicans, Caucasus and all of that (I still get confused about all of this process.) and I got really into it. I have learnt a lot, but to be honest, I would have never got this invested if it hadn’t been for these shows.

It made it incredibly easy to understand and follow this last year of meetings, conferences and speeches.

As of now, I am watching the first presidential debate and there are a lot of things that are wrong. First of all, this debate thing is completely new to me. Here in Italy we don’t have it, but I think it’s great. You get to actually know the candidates, instead of watching endless hours of boring political talk show like we do here. In America they ask them about the facts and what they would actually do.

Anyway, this election has been one of the most horrible things I have seen on television (and yes it includes Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding). Senators biting each other heads off, insulting their running mate, undermining everything and everyone…

Having no filters, no worries of sounding racists and the absurd idea of building a wall across the border between the USA and Mexico, Donald Trump has been the centre of every tv program.

As a woman, I found myself deeply offended by his remarks on Megyn Kelly and all the other women: let alone insulting people on national television just for the hell of it, but attacking us women for not looking like unrealistic plastic dolls is unacceptable. Making fun of Ms Kelly by saying, and I quote:

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.” was disgusting.

Although he tried to rectify it on Twitter by adding “nose” at the end of that sentence, his pathetic excuse didn’t count much. This is only one of the many insult he directed towards women, minority (and let’s face it) everyone else except him.

I am outraged about his statements… And I am ashamed as a human being… I know that there are horrible people in this world, but I didn’t think it was to this extend.

I am not qualified to judge his plans… oh no, wait… He doesn’t have any… Shit…

Well, I cannot judge his business. I don’t know the first thing about the economy, but personally I believe the facts are against him. I won’t talk about his bankruptcy because there is John Oliver linked below.

Also, he keeps mentioning “Law and Order”… Is he quoting the TV show? Doesn’t he know that it’s shit? Oh well… I’m obviously joking, but this “Law and Order” business is all about gun regulations and the NRA.

Why are americans so obsessed with guns? WHY? I am truly asking. I want to understand this.

It is the 21st century, people. WAKE UP. Let’s not go back to the Dark Times. It has come to deciding which one is the least worse. And it’s horrible. You shouldn’t decide your president based on which you dislike the least.


Here are a few pieces that I LOVE:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)  

This is the most amazing thing I have seen on HBO after Game Of Thrones.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Border Wall (HBO)

What is with this f***ing wall!? Ever heard of the Berlin Wall? Do you remember what happened almost 20 years ago, Donald? COME ON.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


Yes, I am a bit obsessed with John Oliver. No big deal. I just love him and his show… And his humor. ❤

Also, Stephen Colbert is amazing. I didn’t really knew him before this show and frankly I didn’t really like him, but he has become one of my favourite hosts. ❤

I hope we can start an intelligent and calm discussion about his topic! I am genuinely interested in hearing your opinion!

Have a nice day!


Georgia    🙂







Stranger Things

To whoever is reading… Hello!!

Today I’m going to talk about Stranger Things. I finally finished watching it. I took me quite a while, because (contrary to popular opinion…) I didn’t like it very much.

It was good, well written, a spooky atmosphere and the children were amazing in it. But, at least for me it didn’t live up to the expectations I had. Everyone was raving about it, both people who aren’t into TV shows and fanatics like me.

Frankly, it’s not my genre. The supernatural world has never captured me. I tried, believe me… But the only things I actually like are Doctor Who, Fringe (one of my loves) and 12 Monkeys.

I like Stranger Things, don’t get me wrong!

The  actors who played Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven were incredible. It is rare to see talented actors at such young age.

(Left to right) Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown


The story itself is fascinating and the 80s vibes are STUNNING!!! The music, the clothes, the hair.. ❤ ❤ ❤

I love the suspense and some of the plot twists… TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!!!!

I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars…

I would recommend it to my friends… If they are interested in a thriller/horror series…

Personally, one of the few things that didn’t impress me is basically the core of the show. The supernatural element of it.

Yes, I know… It doesn’t make sense!!

I probably would have been fine with Eleven’s superpowers, because they are attributed to science! But, the weird world and the weird beast… nah… Not my cup of tea.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would LOVE to hear your opinion on the show, so please leave a comment!

Have a nice day!


Georgia   🙂


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Books I’ve Read This Summer

During the year, I NEVER have time to read. And since I’m at Uni, I’m always studying, reading text books and taking notes. The last thing I want to do I read even more in my free time.

BUT, in the summer I unleash my love for books. Since I spend a lot of time at the beach with my family, the best thing to do in order to avoid talking to them or being criticized about everything I do is reading. (and watching TV shows of course. I haven’t watched a lot this summer…)

I’m adding to this list books that I have read in September because summer isn’t technically over.

.1. Sweet Tooth – Ian McEwan13562049

My friend recommended it to me, so I decided to give it a go. Set in the 70s, it tells the story of an MI5 Spy called Serena Frome who recruits the writer Tom Haley to infiltrate the literary circle.

I liked it… The plot twists are good and the writing is excellent. Personally I found it a bit slow-paced, but still… Good.



9780385522403_custom-032364f301cd0fdaf986cf4a1f285ad4c67fefe4-s200-c852. On Chesil Beach – Ian McEwan    2/5 stars

Yes, I read two Ian McEwan’s books. I bought this one for my mom when I was in London last year and she has had it on her nightstand ever since.

Well, this book was weird. It is set in the 60s and the main characters are Edward and Florence. Basically the story follows their wedding night and the anxiety that this causes them. I didn’t really like it… Always well written, I can’t say anything about that.

It was just so gross and weird… No. no. no thanks.


3. Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari     5/5 stars41labpujbhl

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Really interesting, funny, amazing and superb. Enough adjectives? I have more!

If you don’t know him Aziz is a comedian and actor who teamed up with sociologist Eric Klienenberg and together they wrote this book. It is a funny essay about the problems of having (and forming) romantic relationships in this modern era. It is a deep insight in today’s ways of communicating and the ways people in different countries view love.

It’s all about the texting, sexting, emoji, Tinder… Aziz shows us how to navigate in this world full of technology. And it’s AWESOME!!!


thumb_book-non-buttiamoci-giu_2-330x330_q954. A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby      4/5 Stars

Here at home we have an extensive collection of books and there is a tiny section dedicated to Hornby. This book is basically about a weird group of four people who meets at the top of a building, ready to jump and kill themselves. It is funny and totally weird.

Definitely recommend it!


5. Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time – Rob Temple                          5/5 Stars


I follow the Twitter account @SoVeryBritish and it’s hilarious. The book is a collection of tweets divided in categories… And there are cute drawings and IT IS SO TRUE!! I really loved it! It’s a great coffee-table book.





silver-linings-playbook-book-cover16. The Silver Linings Playbook – Matthew Quick     4/5 stars

I have seen the movie a few years ago and loved it. Usually I don’t read the book if I have already seen the film.

I liked it. A lot Pat’s thoughts were very well written, especially at the beginning of the book. I felt like it was realistic and true. Personally I liked more the movie, probably because I have seen it first, but anyway still pretty good.

Highly recommend it!


7. Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire

Shittiest book I have ever read. You can read my complete thoughts on my previous post about sexism (HERE) and my full review here.

I won’t write any more words about this crap.

8. Summer skin – Kirsty Eagar9781925266924

This is the first NA (New Adult) book I have actually enjoyed. It is funny, true, not at all sexist and entertainment. Bare in mind, it is R-Rated and it passes the Bechdel test!!!

Absolutely adored it, not at all cliché and (in my opinion) well written.

Definitely recommend it if you want to read a nice book about kids felling in love in college.


thesteelkissusa-220x3329. The Steel Kiss – Jeffery Deaver

Currently I am reading the new Jeffery Deaver book (The Steel Kiss)… I have read his entire Lincoln Rhyme series and I LOVE IT! It is about an ex NYPD captain who became quadriplegic after an accident at work. The series follow him and detective Amelia Sachs as they try to catch weird criminals and psychopaths. Highly recommend it… Beautifully written and totally scary. I have been reading Deaver’s books for YEARS and I still love them! The dynami between Lincoln and Amelia, the clever plot twists… He is simply th best  ❤ ❤


Hope you liked this post! After discovering “Booktube” on YouTube, I started to read again and I love it!!!

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Georgia  🙂  🙂

19-24 September: On TV This Week

It is autumn and Tv shows are coming back and this makes me so happy!!! The TV show season is coming back and my week is already pretty full.

Pilots are being aired and judging will be done. By me.  (I’M SO HAPPY!!!).

Let’s start in order: SUNDAY

  • VICTORIA episode 5

I have been watching this 10 million pound ITV series and it’s spectacular. The story is about Queen Victoria and Jenna Coleman is amazing portraying her. The show is absolutely brilliant. Well written, great acting and amazing directing. The chemistry between all the characters is spontaneous and so captivating! If you loved Downton Abbey, definitely check this out!



  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine s04e01

I watched the whole 3 seasons last months and I like it. It is made from the same producers and writers of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” but (I’m sorry) it’s not as good as them. For 20 minutes of Andy Samberg’s weird faces, it’s a nice comedy. A bit too much like SNL, but not too bad.

  • New Girl s06e01

I have been following New Girl for a few years and it’s funny. If you want to watch a bunch of messed up people living together and doing stupid stuff, it’s pretty great. Jess is adorable and Cece, Schmidt, Winston and Nick are just the perfect strange roommates that will make your life amazing.



  • Modern Family s08e01

I LOVE Modern Family. The best comedy on TV right now. Every single character is perfectly portrayed, they all have their own personas and their own flaws. It is just so funny and PERFECT. Sofia Vergara’s character has the most amazing accent of all time and… I can’t even describe how much I love it.

  • You’re The Worst s03e04

My favourite show of the year. With no doubt. Funny, edgy, real and… well real. One of the most real shows I have seen. Gretchen and Jimmy are just two bad people who aren’t afraid of showing it. And personally, I think we should all be ourselves 100%, even (especially) our worst selves.

  • Mr Robot s02e12

Haven’t seen season 2. Waiting for this episode to air so I can binge watch it. Rami Malek (the lead actor who portrays Elliot) won an Emmy on Sunday night for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, so congratulations!



  • Grey’s Anatomy s13e01

I’m still in shock over what happened in these past seasons and after the explosive finale in May, I’m still not over it. It’s been 3 years since I started watching it and I used to love it. I’m still into it, but over the years I have acquired a higher and “less-polished” taste. Still, I’ll definitely be watching it! I want to know what’s going to happen to April and Jackson’s baby!!! ❤


Here is my week… I am pretty excited about it and finally my shows are coming back! This is my favourite time of the year!

I’m thinking of review pilots that are coming out in September and October and see if any of them are actually good.

This post doesn’t even make sense, but… I’m just so happy that this week is the beginning of the TV Shows season!!!


Georgia    🙂


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TV shows mentioned that I reviewed: Mr Robot, You’re The Worst, Victoria.