Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale 2016 – Season 07 episode 10 – “The Darkest Knight” Review

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. You have been warned!

I avoided Twitter for as long as I could. I hid the App in a “Utility” folder I never open and tried to forget about it.

Before I review this episode and make it the biggest thing ever, I need to make something clear. I love Pretty Little Liars because it is an “easy” tv show. Although there are powerful elements (that I will talk about in one of my future posts) to the show, it does not have the depth of series like Game of Thrones or True Detective.

It is a series that I personally watch to have fun and get into the lives of five teenager with complicated romances with perfect hair and makeup.

But this episode is something else. I have NEVER had this much fun while watching a PLL episode. I laughed out loud for ages. The following things that you will read were written whilst watching the episode, so it’s my genuine reaction to all the SHIT that happened.

PLL s07e10

Let’s begin right away with  brainstorming session with all the liars (minus Hannah) and Mona and Caleb which I think was shot so that they could introduce back Mona and call 911 to say they thought Hannah had been abducted.

PLL s07e10

Hannah is still keeping Noel Khan captive and she pull out a knife to torture him… A scene that I found a bit extreme and ridiculous… But comparing this with the shit that it is about to go down, is really nothing . One thing I have noticed, though: she is still fashionable and has ripped jeans on. Because STYLE is what’s important while torturing someone.

So she cut him and goes to DNA lab with Noel’s blood to prove that he is Mary Drake’s son. AND she calls Mona to help her! And she actually does help her! She finds the famous flash drive, but Hannah isn’t happy with that! She wants to frame Noel for everything that he did to her.

PLL s07e10

So she decides to come back! And since the show is called “Pretty Little Liars”, she lies to everyone. Both the police and her friends.

Caleb takes her home and then at one point there is the whole “I know you better than yourself” speech and he says and I quote: “You won’t admit that we’re meant to spend the rest of our lives together.”

And there is kissing and sex.

I am happy that they are back together, because I have to admit… They were my favourite couple! And I found the Caleb/Spener thing disgusting.

They leave Hannah and Caleb to have sex and they go to Alison’s house.

PLL s07e10

And after a few moments she announces that SHE IS PREGNANT!!! WHAAT!?! I had the feeling she was pregnant… So… I told you so.    🙂

And she kisses Emily. A few times.

The other liar that has problems is ARIA! Ezra is still in colombia and he is coming back! BUT NOT REALLY!!! BECAUSE NICOLE IS ALIVE!!! I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT! I SAID SO!

PLL s07e10

I felt sorry for Aria… Come on, her fiancé kissing another woman on national television. It’s funny and the same time depressing.

And the detective starts hitting on Spencer… Again. I’m like: I don’t even care anymore.

PLL s07e10

But the morning she goes to see Toby and she brings him a book in french and says some shit about love. And then…

Oh Honey GIF


Ok. This is one of my favourite things… She asks him if she can kiss him… I laughed so much and said “Oh Honey!” a bunch of time, How I Met Your Mother style.


Spencer isn’t the only one with an eventful morning. There is some tension between Emily-Alison-Paige.

PLL s07e10

Also, Emily is like “I woke up like this” Beyoncé style… SO ANNOYING.

Anyway, the tests come back and Noel isn’t Mary Drake’s child!! Surprise surprise! I feel like with all of this relationship stuff, the secret child’s identity is meaningless.

They decide to go question Noel and they somehow manage to sneak away from the cops leaving a recording of them talking so they won’t get suspicious. After 7 seasons, we know the Rosewood police force is basically shit, but COME ON!!

And Noel has escaped! Obviously.

PLL s07e10

And Caleb and Mona were fooled by another girl pretending to be Jenna! SHE GOT AWAY!!

And as soon as they arrive to the place A.D. told them to when he/she texted them, who do they see? MARY FLIPPING DRAKE!

And there are speakers around the house! So Jenna can talk to them! So obviously they go upstairs and find weird typical “I’m a serial killer” stuff but Emily left the phone up there! COME ON!

Oh, and then the psychotic version of Noel Khan appears together with Jenna! And she has a gun!

PLL s07e10

But Emily and Hannah hit Noel and he falls unto his weapon and his head gets cut off from his body. AHAHAHAHAHA. COME ON!! IT WAS RIDICULOUS!

With Spencer “Can I kiss you?”, this was definitely the highlight of the episode.

BUT Jenna finds them and pulls the trigger, hitting Spencer on the chest.

PLL s07e10

Fortunately, Jenna gets tackled by Mary Drake and just after a few seconds after the other girls arrived, she tells Spencer that SHE is actually her mother. AAHAAHAHAHAAHAH. SPENCER IS MARY DRAKE’S SECOND SECRET CHILD!

And in the next scene we find out that Toby and Yvonne had a car crash!! COME ON!!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!?!?!

As final scene, we see Jenna on the floor and she asks some unknown person if they shot Spencer. Does that mean that Jenna didn’t shoot her? WHAT? I’m so confused…

2016-08-31 (16).png

Anyway, I had so much fun watching this. HILARIOUS!!!!

I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on 7B… From what I have heard, the series will return on April 2017 and I am super sad about it. ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR!

Nevermind, I hope you had some fun reading this. If you have seen the episode, let me know what you think about it in the comments.


Georgia     🙂













Victoria season 1 episode 1 – Review

I was so excited when TV announced that they would be releasing an 8-episode series all about Queen Victoria! I studied her at school and loved her!

It wasn’t just my interest in Queen Victoria that drawn me to the series, but also the lovely Jenna Coleman, who play the companion Clara Oswald on Doctor Who!

From what I have understood, people are comparing it to “Downton Abbey” and not just for the upstairs/downstairs vibe, but also because of the huge budget that was spent of the show.

The show is utterly british, with the dark and depressing atmosphere but right from the very first minutes, the show immediately captures the audience.

First of all, if you aren’t very familiar with british history, be prepared to press pause and google almost every character (except the Queen) that come up on the screen. Nevertheless, don’t let this stop you from watching it.


To summon everything up, when the King dies, Alexandrina Victoria suddenly become queen at the tender age of 18. Up until then, she had lived away from everything and everyone. She was being protected by her trick german mother (played by Catherine H. Flemming) who created the “Kensington System”. Alexandrina even had to sleep in the same room as her mother and couldn’t go anywhere alone. She HAD to be accompanied by someone at ALL times.

Victoria ITV ep 1

So, as soon as she became Queen she changed her name to Victoria and distanced herself from her mother’s guidance.

Victoria also became friends with the Prime Minister Lord William Lamb II, Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell). And let’s just say that he melted some british hearts…

He quickly became her private secretary, a position that will be taken over by Prince Albert in later years.

Victoria ITV ep 1

Also, there were rumor of the Queen having an affair with the Prime Minister. In fact, you can actually you can see some tension between them, but of course nothing happens.

Another kind of tension is the one between Victoria and Sir John Conroy (Paul Rhys). He wanted to control her and rumor has it that he had an affair with Victoria’s mother.

Very important, is also scandal around Lady Flora (Alice Orr-Ewing), her mother’s maid. The Queen was convinced that she was pregnant and that the father was Sir Conroy.

But it turned out to be liver tumor and Victoria embarrassed not only herself but also Lady Flora.

The fact that she was so young made it very difficult for people to trust her. This was one of the main problems that she had to face after becoming the Queen. That, and being too short. 🙂

In the downstairs part, in perfect Downton Abbey style, they went against each other for CANDLES. CANDLES, PEOPLE!! But I love it so much. Can’t wait to see what they are going to argue about next episode! I feel like I’m back in the kitchen with Mrs Patmore, Daisy and Thomas.

2016-08-29 (1)

I love the costumes, the set design and basically everything about it.

The only thing that made me cringe, was the CGI screen. You could see from miles away that it was (pardon my French) bullshit. It’s a tiny yet noticeable detail on an amazing and almost perfectly made tv series.

Let me know if you have seen it and if you liked Jenna Coleman performance. In my opinion, she was fantastic. ❤

Have a nice day,

Georgia   🙂