Great British Bake Off 2016 – Week 1

I had never seen before an entire episode of the Great British Bake Off. I have heard a lot about it and seen bits and pieces from past years on TV, but I never sat down and got into it.

The premises of the show is 12 amateur backers competing against each other to win the title of best backer in the UK. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are the two severe and strict judges and they are properly terrifying!! At the end of this week’s episode, Mary and Paul will choose a Star Backer and the one with the lower score, will leave the Bake Off Tent.

One of the things that I loved about it, is the fact that they immediately started the game and then later introduced all the backers. This way you don’t get super bored learning about 12 strangers personal lives.

In the first episode the contestants will face three challenges:

NUMBER 1: a moist (Mary Berry specifically said it) Drizzle Cake. 

2016-08-26 (2)2016-08-26 (1)

Since this was the first challenge, is wasn’t overly complicated and luckily there wasn’t too much drama.

Everyone used different ingredients and at the end every one of them created beautiful compositions! There isn’t a lot to say about the first challenge. We didn’t know the contestants and they only had two hours to bake the cake.

NUMBER 2: 12 Jaffa Cakes 

2016-08-26 (3)

In the second challenge, all the contestants had the same ingredients and a basic recipe. This is Mary’s technical challenge and I had not idea what these weird cakes with jelly.

Britain, why? Come one. Seriously. Why? Why would you put jelly on a cake!!!

The cakes actually looked nice… If you didn’t think about the horrid jelly stuck between the cakes and the chocolate.

NUMBER 3: Mirror glaze cake.

This was my favourite! Some contestants REALLY went over the top! Just look at that! And they only had 3 hours!

2016-08-26 (5)2016-08-26 (7)2016-08-26 (9)2016-08-26 (6)

I loved how much chocolate they used!!! SO MUCH! It made me want to press pause and eat all the chocolate in my house!

But other than this, the challenge was too much for me! With the music to the 3 hours countdown and one of the contestants crying! I was on the edge of my seat, completely absorbed by the game.

The cakes were so pretty, so full of chocolate and… I DESPERATELY NEEDED CHOCOLATE!

One thing that I have noticed is how lovely each contestant was to the others: they were so nice and encouraging! The atmosphere (despite the tensions and pressure) was amazing. I absolutely loved it.
The Great British Bake Off 2016

At the end of the episode Jane was crowned STAR BAKER and Lee was eliminated from the show.

I’m so glad that she won the challenge, because she is one of my favourite.

From my first impression, I have 4 candidates that could possibly win the Great British Bake Off: Jane, Selasi, Val and Benjamina.

I’m doing a “Jimmy Kimmel The Bachelor/Bachelorette prediction” kinda of thing, so I think that Selasi will win. Let’s see at the end of the season if I am right!!!


Let me know in the comments if you have seen the first episode and which one of the contestants is your favourite!!


Georgia   🙂




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