Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 8 “Exes and OMGs” Review

Last Tuesday’s episode was not particularly eventful… except that Nicole might be alive, Paige comes back, Mrs Grundwall came back with a prophecy Professor Trelawney style…

It started with Hannah dreaming that the other liars didn’t shared her certainty that Noel Khan and suddenly a car ran over Caleb. ……….Sure.

PLL s07e08

On the other hand, this Nicole thing is properly bothering me. Ok, Ezra was in love with her, he wrote the flipping book with Aria, he cried because he felt the closure he needed and then what? SHE JUST COMES BACK! We are not 100% sure she is alive, but of course she is! It’s Pretty Little Liars! Literally everything can happen.

Aria also made some mature choices which (let’s face it) surprised me. As soon as Ezra came back she told him the truth about the deleted call and left him some space. And then bought him plane tickets for Columbia, even though this could jeopardize her relationship with him! Still… smart choices. Good girl, Aria.

PLL s07e08The one that wasn’t as clever as Aria, was Hannah. This whole “making-a-pact-with-the-enemy” makes no sense. And… oh, snap! The weird lady from Ravenswood predicted that “something daaaark” (Can you spot the reference? *wink wink*) is going to happen Hannah and Caleb. And surprise surprise, the Lady starts acting all weird as soon as they see Noel Khan.

Could you be more obvious? Nevermind…

Emily was offered a job as a swimming teacher by the Principal of Rosewood High. Is she even qualified to teach? Can she you get hired like that? After meeting the principal at the Coffee shop? My mentality is still too far away from the actual american reality, no matter how much I try to learn about it.

Another big thing: Emily’s ex girlfriend Paige came back! YAY!! (?). I’m still not sure if this is a good thing or not.. We’ll figure it out in the next two episode before the summer finale. At least I hope so.

Last but not least, Spencer dealt with the former OB/GYN (who is now an alcoholic) that delivered and made disappear Mary Drake’s second secret baby. Yes, “second secret baby”. SECOND! Ok, one secret child is plausible , but TWO! Seriously?!? I’m finding this storyline totally ridiculous. Plus, making Spencer and Aria go through his daughter, played by Sprague Grayden (White Collar, The Following) seemed suspicious. She is definitely gonna come back.

PLL s07e08Another thing.. Hannah saying goodbye to Caleb was actually sweet. Right from the first scene in the first “5 years later” episode, you could see that the sparkle was still there. Out of all the relationships, I have to admit that they are my favourites.

Having acknowledged that, can we now just take a moment to say how horrible Caleb and Spencer relationship was? NOT A FAN. So, I’m really glad that Hannah is getting closer to him again! I don’t know what the writers or producers where thinking with that plotline.

Alison came back to school to teach her classes but she was welcomed back by  her students all dressed in black hoodies.Ah. Ah. Ah. Very funny. Also, in true PLL style, she broke into the principal’s office to steal Noel Khan’s file. Just a normal Tuesday for Ali!

PLL s07e08

I almost forgot! There is a weird scene in which Spencer looks at an old family photo-album. My question is: is that a clue telling us about a connection with Mary Drake’s second baby? Or they just needed to fill up 20 seconds in the final sequence? I’ll be wondering until next Tuesday when the next episode comes out.

So, hope you like this post… I’ll give this episode a 7/10. Wasn’t bad, but in PLL standards nothing really happened. I’m looking forward next week’s episode: I have seen the promo and there is A LOT of action going on.


Georgia  🙂



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