Mr. Robot

“Our democracy has been hacked”

“Fuck Social Media”

With killer tag lines like these, Mr Robot is off to an amazing start.

I came across “Mr Robot”‘s promotional poster a while back. Probably even before it aired.

But on June 201j6ocwm5 I was busy. Incredibly busy. I had my final exams and graduation and nothing mattered more than that.

Although I was overwhelmed with all the studying, I was still keeping an eye on new tv shows (Game of Thrones had just ended and I was longing for something to help me get over Jon Snow’s death).

I loved the poster and remembered Rami Malek from “Night at the Museum” and so I wrote down the name of the series on a sheet of paper. Sometimes I’m so old-fashioned it makes me sick.

And we all know what happened: I lost it. Obviously. 😦

I still popped up on my IMDb page as “recommended” but I didn’t look at it twice.

About six months later, I saw the poster again and decided to give it a go.

Now, a few information on the show for whoever isn’t familiar with it.

“Mr Robot” is a tv series about a computer technician (Elliot) that suffers from social anxiety disorder. He is recruited by an anarchist that goes by the name “Mr Robot” and tries to balance both his job at an online security firm and his passion for hacking.

The hacker group is called “fsociety” and is responsible for attacks on one of the largest multi-national conglomerates that Elliot calls “E Corp”.

Season 2 promo poster – fsociety

The show aired on USA NETWORK from 24th of June to the 2nd of September 2015 for a total of 10 episodes. Season 2 is currently airing! So go check it out if you haven’t already!

I watch a lot of shows from USA NETWORK and I was rather surprised after 10 minutes into the show.

It has a dark atmosphere that Psych, White Collar, Suits, Graceland don’t have. Although those are incredibly well written shows (that will ALL get a new blog post soon), Mr Robot is totally different: there is nudity, sexual practices, reference to addiction to morphine, violence and pornography. So, yeah. There is a lot going on. And just from episode 1, bear in mind.

The cast is incredible, very talented. Lots of new actors. I hadn’t heard of any of them except Malek: Carly Chaikin plays Darlene, a fellow hacker; Christian Slater plays the cryptic Mr. Robot; Portia Doubleday plays Angela, Elliot’s friend; Martin Wallström plays Tyrell Wellick and Stephanie Corneliussen portrays his wife.

The score, composed by Mac Quayle, is a huge component of the show… It strikes the important moments in the show and really builds up the tension.

mv5bogezyjq1zjmtmmfjmy00mwjjltgwmjctn2ixzmywoge1mmmyxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynta4nzy1mzy-_v1_sy1000_cr007141000_al_I absolutely love the camera work: very often the camera is shifted. In this way, whoever is being filmed, is either on the left or on right of our screen. At the beginning, it bothered me a bit. Another observation, there’s a lot of space on top of the screen! It is like it is filmed with the camera too high up! It really messed with my head!

One of the greatest things is the name of the episodes: each one has a different video file name extension like .flv or .mov! I don’t know why, but I find it so cool!! God, I’m so dorky. *uggh*

Leaving all of this “technical” stuff behind, what really matters in anything, at least in my opinion, is the story.

And what caught my attention was how easy it is to hack into people’s lives. It takes only a few minutes on the internet to find out all about us.

We are achieved in a database that people can just look through, like, comment and share.

If you haven’t guess already, yes I hate Facebook. Sorry Zuckemberg, great idea, but… no thanks .

In addition to that, his social anxiety disorder and all of the crazy conspiracy theories are powerful factors in the show’s message.

It is a “fuck you” to society, almost an exhortation to rebel against the rules and restrictions of the cyber world we live in.

Something that I reckon has been overused in movies and television is the voice-over, but here it gives extraordinary insights inside Elliot’s mind and thought process.

To sum it all up, it looks good. IMDb rates it at 8.9 out to ten. Pretty impressive in my opinion.  Having said this, you can never judge a show by its pilot!

I like the concept, actors, location and most of all the setting: New York City

I must warn you: it is not a light-hearted show. If you are expecting the typical USA Network show, I recommend watching the lovely Matt Bomer on White Collar for the (at lease for me)  billionth time. 🙂

Hope you liked this post! Let me know what you think about the show!




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