Game Of Thrones Finale “The Winds of Winter”

I was on holiday when the episode aired, but I thought: “It will be fine! I can buy some WiFi at the bar! There will be no problems!”

In Italy we say: “Le ultime parole famose”. A rough translation could be: the last famous words.

My phone was already on “Airplane mode” to stay a way from spoilers on WhatsApp and Twitter and (obviously) I really wanted to know what had happened!

Jumping up and down, I went to the bar to get the WiFi password and… of course it didn’t work!

I stared at the screen for an entire hour but it didn’t work! It was so f***ing slow! After going back to my house almost in tears, I waited for the day to go by, “The winds of Winter” constantly in my head.

After dinner I went back and tried again: AND IT WORKED!

At 11 PM o’clock of the following day, I started watching the episode I would soon start to call “THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE”.

I won’t summarize the episode. I think you have all probably seen it by now… I would just share my thoughts and impressions on the episode.

First of all (please don’t hit me, please. Don’t throw rotten vegetables…) I haven’t read the books, I don’t know of any theories and some character… well, I have no idea of who they are. Sorry. 🙂

Ok, let’s start:

  • THE MUSIC: the first 20 minutes of the episode were made even more powerful by the soundtrack. If you overlooked it, go back and check it again: it’s called “Light of the seven”. It intertwined perfectly with the scenes, creating an atmosphere of suspense. For a few seconds, I was paying more attention to the music than what was actually happening. It wasn’t the typical “Game of Thrones” soundtrack… The piano, the cello and the few other strings made the music even better. And silence: in some parts there was total silence. No sound was made. No soundtrack. No actors talking or moving. Even if it may sound boring, it was utterly captivating.I applause Ramin Djawadi, who composed the music. One of the best scored scenes in the history of TV.

Queen Cersei

The Court


  • Another important aspect was the fact that almost every major character was in the episode! All the Starks were there, the Lannisters, Dany, Missandei and Greyworm, Margaery (I will talk about her, don’t worry), Theon and his sister (don’t know her name), Arya… All the stories came together in one glorious episode and it was SPECTACULAR.


  • What really bothered me was Tommen and Margaery’s deaths. I was so shocked! Come on! I understand Tommen, poor guy. We all know he couldn’t be King for long. He was just too easy to manipulate and control. But Margaery!!! She was an amazing character! She was so clever and in my opinion, extremely important! I’m probably a bit bias because I love Natalie Dormer so much, but seriously! I am not happy with this decision! AT ALL. On death that I’m really glad happened, was the Red Sparrow’s. He definitely had to go. He, his weird faith/religion and that who died in the dungeons (I had seen him in previous season but… No name came to my mind. So I checked with my friend and she said it’s Cersei’s cousin? I don’t even know anymore…) Well, he had to go.


  • Now let’s talk about my the two Queens: Dany was amazing as usual even though when she rejected Daario’s proposal, my heart broke a little bit. Let’s just hope that at least one of my ship reunites. The forever-friendzoned-man Jorah HAS to come back. George RR Martin, are you trying to say that he couldn’t find a cure to the stone thing? Come on. You made Melissandre bring back Jon Snow from the dead. THE DEAD, George. THE. DEAD. But, for me, the real Queen of the episode was Cersei. I know people have mixed feelings about her. She is (as almost every character in GOT) a horrible and cruel person. BUT, we all have to admit that she has great qualities too. One of them has to be vengeance. From leaving her former guard in the hands of the mountain to blowing up half a city. She is a ruthless and mean queen, but she sure has a thing for drama.

2016-08-01 (8)

2016-08-01 (9)


  • Last but not least… “KING IN THE NORTH!!!” All the knights in Winterfell chanting his name and Lady Mormont’s awesome speech in favor of Jon would have made more sense if the previous scene hadn’t shown the truth about Jon’s heritage: he is not Ned Stark’s son but actually he is Ned’s sister and Danearys’s brother! Jon is a Targaryn?!? WHAAAAT? Everybody has said so for AGES but still… MINDBLOW!2016-08-01 (10)

So, here are my thought on the episode. This post is so late because I had to talk it through with my friends about 168887648645344 times.

I will leave you with this awesome GIF that basically sums up my life right now. I know, everybody has used it… I still find it horrible but at the same time extremely hilarious!!!

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