You’re the worst

Here I am with my first ever review. 😉

You have probably already guessed it from the title but the show is called “You’re the worst” and it is a FX 30-minute-long comedy, drama and romance series that talks about Gretchen and Jimmy who are both literally the worst. The show follows them as they meet, “fall in love” (both Gretchen and Jimmy would say “ew” to this while making a disgusted face) and attempt to form a sort of relationship.


2016-06-15 (4)
Gretchen and Jimmy

Gretchen is a PR for a loud, mean and unexpectedly colorful dressed rapper named Sam and she has given up on relationships (both romantic and non) with other people.

On the other end, Jimmy is a pretentious english-born writer, whose book received a single review on the times and he is struggling to cope with his ex-girlfriend wedding.

It’s at this very wedding where they meet for the first time: she had just stolen a food blender and is planning on moving to NYC and he had been thrown out from the ceremony after causing a scene: their connection is immediate.

If you are looking for a love story with romantic gestures and glistening eyes, this is not for you. Gretchen and Jimmy are unconventional, mean and disturbingly honest to each other.They are self-distructive people with issues. A LOT of issues.

FX rates it MA often integrated with L, D, S warnings. And yes, there is nudity and constant references to sexual practices.  Obviously, sex is a fundamental component in Jimmy and Gretchen’s relationship. It isn’t portrayed in a fairy tale kind of way: it’s something they are addicted to, something they can’t avoid.

They are free and liberal people, who still want to spend their late twenties partying and having fun.

Sex isn’t the only third wheel in their relationship: drugs and alcohol have a huge role in this show. The characters are always partying, drinking and doing stupid stuff. But sex, drugs and alcohol don’t involve only Gretchen and Jimmy. The show has two other amazing supporting roles: Lindsay and Edgar.


Both with problems of their own, these two amazing characters make the show complete. One with a husband she doesn’t love and the other with PTSD from his tour in Afghanistan, Lindsay and Edgar are the constant companions in Gretchen and Jimmy’s tormented relationship.

Another weird thing: Jimmy’s 10-years-old awkward neighbour Killian is often with them: playing with Jimmy on the Playstation or simply bartending at one of their parties. (I assure you, it may seem creepy but it is actually unbelievable funny).

The show underlines the different and utterly horrible behaviour of all the characters: from Jimmy’s ex girlfriend Becca, Lindsay’s husband Paul and the eccentric rapper Sam and his crew members Shitstain and Honey Nutz (I swear the name are right… I am not making them up)

Chris Geere (Jimmy), Aya Cash (Gretchen), Desmin Borges (Edgar) and Kether Donohue (Lindsay) bring to their characters a unique perspective, making them adorable and spiteful at the same time.


Personally I LOVE IT. It’s so honest and amazingly written and Jimmy’s sarcastic heckles towards people are hilarious.

They are not afraid to show how horrible every single one of them is. They are not ashamed of who they are, what they say or how they behave.

Deep down, even if we don’t want to admit it and parade it around, we are all as dysfunctional and mean as the character. The only difference, we push it down, we hide it, we don’t share it in fear of someone judging us.

What I’m trying to say is: embrace your weirdness.


Thanks for reading! Georgia



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